Wireless Telephone Network

In Wireless Network Transmitter and receiver are not always fixed at one place but can move also. Network configurations are dynamic and will obtain subscriber information when it moves from one location area or routing area to the other areas. Wireless and telecommunication have been inextricably linked in this modern period to provide wireless communication to the common man, allowing individuals in any region of the world to connect conveniently. Wireless communication technology uses electromagnetic waves such as infrared, radio frequency, satellite, and others to communicate data over the air.

Why Wireless is better than Landline?

There are numerous reasons you prefer wireless over landline explained below

1. Minimum Repairing Issues

As compared to a landline, Wireless networks have fewer maintenance issues because there are no cables attached to the wireless devices. So, if there is a natural disaster happened your device will be safe. Maintenance and installation costs are lower than for other types of networks

2. Flexibility

Employees in the office can connect without using dedicated computers and continue to function productively while away from the office. This could lead to new working methods, such as working from home or having direct access to business data while on customer premises.

3. Freedom from wires

Wireless technology can be organized with the use of any physical connection.

4. Access and Availability

As a wireless device allows the user to connect while on the move, you are hardly out of touch - you don't need extra cables or adaptors, or connectors to access office networks. It is easy to enlarge and setup and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

5. Increased Efficiency

Faster information movement within firms and between partners and customers is facilitated by improved data connectivity. Sales department, for example, can check stock levels and bills while on the phone.

6. Portability

If you are thinking to move from one city to another or from one state to another then don't be panic about your telephone connection because a wireless device is easy to keep in your bag and you can carry with you to your desired place.

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