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    An Overview

    Wireless device provides you with access and affordability almost everywhere. It is Portable, User-friendly and has 36 hours standby battery time, that can get you through your emergencies without getting your services disconnected, unlike the typical landline phones.
    Get Premium Features in 
    Just $45
    Smart Device
    Call Forwarding
    Free 911 Call
    Unlimited Calls
    3 Way Calling
    GPS Service
    Number ID
    Call Waiting
    Are you tired of paying huge amounts of money, Whenever you make a call?
    Well, not anymore. Dailytel bring you an incredible opportunity to stay connected with your long-distanced friends and family without paying ectra money. With us, you get UNLIMITED local and long distanced calls, in just $45 flat
    Our 4G wireless device offers
    • Portability
    • 3 hours talk time
    • 36 hours standby battery time
    • GPS services
    • Remote working
    • Antennas for strong signals
    • You can use more than one phone with connecters
    • Uninterrupted services during power outage
    • No maintenance charges
    • No charges for the device
    Get your devices delivered fast!
    With Dailytel as your service provider company, your services will e delivered with credibility, speed, excellence and with no disruption
    Why Dailytel
    • You don’t need to sign up for any commitments
    • We do not bound our customers in contracts